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The American President "End Titles"

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- I started the list & awoke to this gorgeous, uplifting piece of Music
- It is Marine Corps - not Marine Core.
- It does the same to me especially in for forefront of the movie as the past Presidents are being shown. It makes me long for the days when the Constitution was actually respected, which it won't be long before it is re-instituted AGAIN...ANY DAY NOW!!!
- This song makes me weep every single time I hear it. This piece is glorious.
- @nurseforsure1 You write with great eloquence!
- i think this is the music they play when you are waiting in line for Soaring over California at Disney's California Adventure
- Elegantly beautiful theme.
- @nurseforsure1 What a profound idea! I think I'll have it put on my phone's answering machine. Those that really want to talk to me will hear one of the most beautiful songs ever written. Telemarketers will hang up long before it's over.
- @chrisbrown456 I fully concur with you sir I love this most powerful of themes songs it`s my favorite and it gives me a sense of well being and strengthens my good emotions.
- This score is one of my all-time favorites! Notable others are, 'Dave', 'Stanley & Iris', 'Field of Dreams' and my #1 most romantic score of all time is - 'Somewhere In Time' composed by the late John Barry. Simply breathtaking! Always enjoyed the works of Marc Shaiman, James Horner, John Barry, James Newton Howard, John Williams, Randy Newman et al. Such great talent!
- @thingthingisalive THIS is NOT the marine core hymn... The Name of this song is "The American President" (when originally written for this film) or "A Seed of Grain" (in it's choral form as adapted by the composer for The Bucket List)... It is written by composer Marc Shaiman...
- @laceyScuppiecake The Name of this song is "The American President" or "A Seed of Grain" (in it's choral form) and is written by composer Marc Shaiman... It is NOT the marine core hymn or any other pre-existing american anthem as other posters have suggested. It is entirely original by a fantastic composer.
- what is the name of this song? its very beautiful i would to have my school play this
- I believe this is a marine core hymn :)
- @airdriver that would have been cool but it wouldn't have fit in the West Wing universe because Martin Sheen played Sheppards chief of staff--which would have been awkward -- that aside, however, that would have been pretty awesome
- @airdriver Minor correction: Andrew Sheppard, not Matt.
- great music, great movie, great acting by michael douglas, annette bening and martin sheen... but specially great acting by MICHAEL J. FOX!! he played Lewis very well.. but he played health man for years!! so he played two roles in one moment.. and i think that is amazing!!! sorry for my english
- @nurseforsure1 Marc Shaiman..... awesome isn't it??
- Thanks for post it. Is only a movie but i hope will be a Hope to everyone to have a President like that man. My english don t allow to write better. Sorry I wish for all of you a real new year Renato
- Great Track!