Small Scale Grain Production with Mark Dempsey{

Mark Dempsey of the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association discusses the potential and parameters of small scale grain production for livestock and much more. Learn different characteristics of grain crops and how to best utilize them in your farm or garden in combination with cover crops that will h.

Small Scale Grain Production with Mark Dempsey

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- its time to empower folks in peer to peer economics, normal people have the power to grow, and produce anything, if we can work together.
- idea is good for small farmers and way out for organic and healthy food for own consumption
- The red amaranth is possibly Hopi red-dye amaranth.
- 10:00 lolololololol
- at about the 1:10:00 mark, there is an inherent assumption that for some is incorrect. Neither chickens (nor really any of the animals) should be on a total grain diet. Chickens are omnivores, so they really need animal protein. Cattle, should be on grass with as little grain as possible. Pigs are omnivores. Also, just as many of the plants have incredibly valuable traits and multiple benefits, so do the animals, aaanndd. this kinda assumes for instance, an acre can only be one crop or animal at a time, when in fact, they can be if not concurrent on any given parcel, they can at least be closely following each other ie: cattle, 3 days later poultry, and repeat a couple or few months later. Many many more options between plant and animal combinations.
- So did you work to earn the money to buy your land, equipment, etc? Because I wonder about the economics if you aren't born into land or money. I'd also like to see a comprehensive profit/loss statement to see if this pencils out economically without being supported by a trust fund.
- "Taking it back from big ag." Hell yes, my friend! I was already interested in growing grain in my garden. But one autumn, we were driving through southern Oklahoma during the wheat harvest. The whole world smelled like Roundup. We were much more interested after that.
- To answer the question, why grow grains on a small scale? Here in April 2020 (food shortages)
- The best grain cleaner here 👉
- Would be awesome if we could get FEL skidsteer reaper binder and a three point thresher.
- 20:15 It's that way because with the winter wheat you don't want it shooting up too tall with nitro if winter is coming (including high winds, heavy, snow, hail, that can flatten(lodge) the plants , at that time you only want its roots to grow deep and large to help endure the winter, and in the spring you can up the nitro
- No advise on how to harvest without expensive equipment
- I did not not think the presentation was as focused as it could have been. Since the videos are so long, have you considered time stamps to help viewers jump to the section they are interested in?
- Soy is not a human food unless you ferment it AND it is organic. Only flax oil should be eaten by people -the others are actively bad for you. Your soy is likely to b3 genetically contaminated and toxic.
- I would not grow chick peas. I grow them for a snack. They yield very little. Half cup per plant abouts maybe less. But they do taste great fresh!.
- Amaranth and other loose seed varieties can be planted in your chickens roaming area. The chickens can knock the grain and eat it.