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Planting the EFN oil & Quinoa grain seeds

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- This is fascinating...I'm really looking forward to your updates on these plants.
- Never grown any of those. But I know walnuts, thousands and thousands of acres in the valley here Juglone is not as great in soil near the trees if the hulls and leaves and such has been raked out or if the soil has healthy decomp, if you have to rake a buncha leaves out probably toxic. Juglone poisoning turns plants yellow and wilty and then they just die, soil looks good too me. I'll enjoy watching these grow. 
- Eve,  they will be interesting when they grow. When will thy be ready?
- I loved the video and subscribed to your channel. I will follow your garden as I tend to my greenhouse and garden channel this season! I look forward to seeing more from you soon!
- Cool hole digger
hahaha I love the "Are you getting that part" .. doing a good job camera person :)
- My back yard is just too full of clay for real planting, I use lots of pots etc, enjoyed your video, all the best, john
- Gah!!!! If it isn't the birds, it's the tree's giving off herbicide, or lack of rain, or cold weather, or bad soil, or parasitic insects, or the seeds get washed away, or there isn't enough sun, or there's too much sun... gardening has just got to be the most enjoyable masochistic endeavors.
- Hii great video.👍 hope you're having a great day. ☺ 
- Как интересно у Вас садят картофель! Спасибо, что поделились!
- i wanna try quinoa !  thx for the share.
- when I was in Peru several years ago, it was every meal with Quinoa, got a bit tired of it, but it has the highest protien value grain.