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Multi-seed Porridge: Creamy Grain-Free Raw Cereal

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- Does it still come out good if you heat it up? It's getting pretty cold where I live and I'd like to have something warm in the mornings.
- Oh my goodness, you're my new obsession! :)
- I made this today and it was so good!!!
- Whoa cannot wait to try this tomorrow morning. ☺ can i let it stand before eating? Thanks 
- You are a sweet talker. Very good keep it this way.
- Good to hear it!
- love this! so easy...use to do this without realising how good it was :)
- Thank you very much, you're welcome!
- Will try this one too, your recipes are always good
- I love all your recipes. They are easy and great tasting. Thank you! I love your videos!
- Excellent. Thank you! :-)