Last Week of the 2021 Harvest On a Midwestern Farm In the United States of America S2 E36{

We did it!!! The 2021 crop has been harvested. Ride along as we finish it out and change plans constantly on how to do it. It was a record year. Now on to the next. Get You Ivers Farm Merch At​​​ You can also visit​​​ an.

Last Week of the 2021 Harvest On a Midwestern Farm In the United States of America S2 E36

- Congratulations on finishing harvest 2021 Ivers Farms
- Good luck combining beans David
Moim zdaniem take, meble radzyń podlaski myśle że jest ok, - Nice to see your wife in the video Reese
- Good luck combining your beans Dennis and George
- Good luck finishing your 2021 harvest Ivers Farms
- Great video Reese
- I love you guys!!! I just have 1 question, you guys only run one grain cart between the coats and bean crew??
- Congratulations on finishing harvesting American farmer is the backbone of our country an also all the hard working g people out there u guys keep farming an I will keep watching
- Hey thanks for remembering the Vets I do appreciate it myself being one u guys keep farming an I will keep watching
- Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Really enjoy your videos. Real people doing real work.
- Do you use all that asf technology or just the auto steer? We are so old-school I always have a blast operating newer stuff.
- Congratulations on getting done with your crops and good luck next year.
- Glad I got to follow along, and excited and hopeful for next year! Great work Reese and all the guys that make your farm run, I'd definitely buy a nice Ivers Hoodie like that too!
- That was a great shot with the camera under the cart and the sun coming through the dust! Very cool
- Reese was there any yield bump with the fields that you used the special seed talc with the nutrients in it? Congratulations 🍾 on finishing harvest!
- You guys have a great channel. My favorite of all ... keep it going.
- Two questions. One is where did she get the name smokeshow and number 2 is why she hate the camera so much haha
- How come you don’t run a full time grain cart in the beans and corn
- Awesome video again. Must be a bittersweet feeling finishing harvest. Can’t wait to keep watching the rest of the season. Keep up the great work. Everyone can stand behind this statement when I say, we look forward to seeing you guys each and every week.
- Another great video Reese!