Jeremy and Kaleb's Harvest Goes Horribly Wrong | Clarkson's Farm{

Who said being a farmer was easy? As the time to harvest approaches, Jeremy and Kaleb must gather up all the rape and barley they've been growing over the last year. BUT when Jeremy Clarkson is involved, things never quite go to plan do they? » SUBSCRIBE:

Jeremy and Kaleb's Harvest Goes Horribly Wrong | Clarkson's Farm

- Who fancies a go at farming after watching this?
- Jeremy has made many mistakes in his new career, but I think he was set up to fail in this case. Charlie or Kaleb should have given him a warning he needed to set up a barley contract a week ago.
Jak dla mnie dość ciekawe, jak nie tu to szukajcie w necie. - Who on earth named a seed "rape"?
- Looks like he needs to invest into some silos and a truck & semi trailer
- what a man lol brilliant
- All watch each episode for being cheered up
- You need to make Caleb a part of the Clarkson, May and that small guy trio, we need this in our lives, you are not getting younger and don't produce enough epicness anymore, I wait and wait and wait for the grand tour to release something, I live for this.
- Yes, he's kind of made a career out of "being 9". And yeah, "switching off". I know schizophrenics with more awareness than this man.
- Brilliant 👏 wish this was school I would of gone lol
- lets work 24/7 365 days of the year and earn nothing....lets become farmers!!!
- Where did you get this footage of me playing farming simulator?
- It's still hard to think that Kaleb is an actual regular farmer, he's so natural on-screen and so good at banter with Jeremy.
- Featus boy 😂😂
- I love how Kaleb yeeted Jeremy's keys into the field haha
- farming isn’t the easiest life !
now you know why those old farmers faces are so angry
- This is a question I have been thinking myself "what do you do" I have never seen spotless Farm Vehicles and Farmers working in their best clothes before>
- I like eggs.
- Please go back to cars. Call Hammond and May ASAP. This is torture!
- Jeremy who? Tesla
- This show is awesome