Illinois Wheat Harvest & Double Crop Soybean Planting{

In this video I am out in the field with Justison Farms near Butler Illinois. They are harvesting their 2021 winter wheat crop with their new Fendt Ideal 9T combine with a MacDon FD 145 head (45 foot wide). Also in the video is their Versatile DT 610 tractor pulling a J&M X1312 grain cart. They are .

Illinois Wheat Harvest & Double Crop Soybean Planting

- Fine load full for that chaser bin!! Also I thought the whole point of chasers was to avoid compaction of lorries (trucks) in field??? Love those extra fat tyres on that Fendt planter…..
- Great video!
A może też tu warto wejść klimatyzacja Lublin , zawsze to jest też przydatne. - Nice work and informative!
- Por favor comentarios en español gracias
- Nice looking unit, especially that awesome grain cart and Tractor.
- How these farms afford all these brand new machines is wild
- Agco makes the best combine in the world.... GLEANER.
- Hi, dear American, don't waste your life in growing wheat and soyabean.
Growing fruits and vegetables in polyhouse you have a huge Land, get benefits from high price agriculture crops.
African countries are the best for these two crops. Wheat and soyabean.
Use your American farmers Brain.
If not what is the difference between an American farmer and Asian, African un educated farmer's.
your type of farmer's is ........ American economy.
This is 2021,
America have huge Land but still import agriculture products.
- The best harvest video I have seen.
- This farmer has a lot of good looking equipment!!! love the Fendt combines!!! very sharp and also the Delta track and the grain cart!!! do they always leave the stubble real tall when planting the second crop soy beans? another awesome video Mike!!!!!!!
- Mike - what is your experience with the 9T? Can you please give us a review? Appreciated.
- Love the way it spreads the straw ,
- Wonderful experiencing the open flat panes!
- You need to catch up with Martin harvesting in goodland Kansas this week
- Really good video Mike! Lot of $ in that field!
- Mike hit me up for a potential video. We do custom straw and hay in NW and OH. On the second cut and straw on the ground for the horse race track in Chicago. We use a Bale Barron if you have not seen one work yet it’s awesome.
- Mike
Maybe future talking points; how much nitrogen to produce a bushel of corn, types of nitrogen and how it is applied, trace elements, fertilizer for beans, cotton, and whey etc.
- Great videos - as always!
- brazilian greetings... 👍🇧🇷🇺🇸
- Mike, at 11:40 minutes into the video I like your music. Great wheat harvest pictures.