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How to Sprout pulses at home ? - Sprouting Seeds, Grain and Pulses

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- well explained
- which gives more energy/heath ? - sprouted OR Boiled chana (black)
- Ek maaa ki tarah samjate hai aap😊
- Nisha ji aap ka samjane ka tarika bahut aacha hai aur aapka kitchen bi aacha hai 😊
- can u please upload how to make pulses at home?
- thnx mm
- mam hme otg mey bnana wali receipe please bta do
- good explanation today I have soak all dal like how you said in video let see tomorrow
- thanks a lot😊
- Nishaji can I make a lot of the sprouted chane and moong and then store them in the freezer for like a month? Kindly advise. I do not have time to make them every day or every week.
- very nicely shown mam I love all ur receipes and also ur sweet speech u explain it very nicely you explained it so nicely how to do the sprouts
- Like this. Its very important . 
- ur presentation style is very nice nisha aunty and ur recipe is also very tasty
- Thanks mam....
- thanks mam
- nice
- Love your channel. Thank you from Australia:)
- Hello I like all your recipes. I am belongs to Pakistan.
- good jee
- mam ap bhut pyr se samjhate ho ek ek shabd jaise mummy samjhati h.
I love u mam