Harvest Finance Deposit Tutorial: $FARM and $iFARM{

A short video detailing how to operate the front page of https://harvest.finance/​. Covered in this video: 1) How to purchase $FARM 2) How to claim earnt $FARM rewards 3) How to deposit $FARM into the front-page profit sharing FARM Vault 4) What is $iFARM? 5) How to deposit $FARM for $iFARM 6) Ho.

Harvest Finance Deposit Tutorial: $FARM and $iFARM

- Anybody know how to withdraw IFARM?
- How can I find bFARM contract address ? please help I'm new farmer :(
Jak dla mnie dość ciekawe, https://comboshops.com/ jak pomoglem, to spoko. - I've deposited farm into the pool months ago and have gotten nothing. I did not see any change, no rewards, no interest nothing. What am i doing wrong
- Good video! The more I learn about Harvest, the more I like it!
- For some reason My Ifarm tokens aren't swapping the correct amount it. I'm in the Ifarm pool and it shows I have 42.02 IFARM also shows in my Metamask wallet. The swap rate isn't coming out correct. What am I doing wrong? Sorry I'm very new to this and want to make sure i'm doing everything correct.
- 4 months later, how is your iFarm doing?
- I have Farm in my metamask, and i also have usdc too and some eth. i follow instructions but when i go to the stablecoins to stake usdc i get a red blob.. meaning that i cant put any amount to prompt this action. what cud be the problem.. help as im going nuts
- On Harvest Finance, if I put my USD and ETH into a the Uniswap V3 USDC/ETH vault and get ifarm rewards. How do I convert/redeem my ifarm into farm? There is no liquidity for ifarm to anything on uniswap. How do I go from ifarm into farm?
- Please make an updated video with their new UX. PLZ & THNKS!!!
- Hi, i recently deposited my Farm to iFarm but i am unable to see my rewards?
- What wallet is compatible? For farm?
- how can I connect wallet?
- I NEED HELP!!! I tested out harvest finance for a night. I did a cake pool. I couldn't seem to "claim reward" with my farm tokens. I tried multiple times and I found nothing in my metamask. It charged me gas fees but gave me nothing! Am I supposed to use a different wallet? Also something I don't understand is, how is the BSC wallet in my meta mask supposed to withdraw my farm tokens when the farm staking is on the ETHERIUM side of harvest. I'm soooooo confused. I just want to throw my cake back in but I want to make sure I can CLAIM MY REWARDS, please help......THANK YOU!!!!!
- 0:49 mentions that $100 USDC deposit has become $114.xx - implying the $14 delta is the profit - this is not accurate. The # of fUSDC will not change. The total change is the sum of the value of earned $FARM and the revised USDC-to-fUSDC ratio in the pool after the occasional 'rebalancing' (harvesting). Here, the total profit is $1.877 (and not $14.xx).
- The process is complicated,.. Farm prices have crashed drastically, there are many tokens like farm. Many tokens have stopped giving APys and eventually the site may also shut down. DeFi is too saturated and will eventually crash. Hackers look to exploit loopholes and there has already been a hack for 2Bn
- Please make video tutorials for Farming on BSC network in Harvest.
Interested topics are Deposit, Claiming Rewards, Withdrawal and staking FARM on BSC chain.
Thank you
- Discord link ain't working.