Growing Wheat For The First Time{

It has been really interesting to growing wheat for the first time, with quite different needs while growing and quite labour intensive to harvest, thresh and clean. But is it worth it? I used to assume that it would not be worth the effort to grow wheat at a small scale, but then I was given a bat.

Growing Wheat For The First Time

- What is semolina?

Bleached later. The flour. How is the process of bleaching?
- Give your line i need to am in angola i want to start also growing grain.
Albo i też takie - olejek do e papierosa , dobrze jak tu znajdziecie coś ciekawego. - Thank you
- Thank you good to see how you separated seed from straw
- Incredible! Thank you for sharing this video!
- It could be a lot of work but growing your own wheat and make the flour and bake the bread gives you such happiness that is all worth the work and time.
- Great video thanks! In California I’m thinking gophers will take this out! But curious how much food comes from a pilot like that. Appreciate your project.
- Someone gave me a bunch of wheat on stalks. Don't know if they'll grow in the tropics. So, to grow the seeds it need to be pounded first?
- hi, where do buy your wheats grains
- ah so this is how they do it in minecraft
- Use water to separate the seed the good seed will sink the rest will just float.
- creep
- Thank you for posting. I will plant about an acre+. I can let livestock graze on it through winter, come spring it can head out and be harvested and I will plant my garden over same space for summer. My chickens love fermented wheat so I will just let seeds hull and all ferment for them.
- Thanks
- A few of those picks showed Barley not Wheat !
- 7:11.. you buried the bread.. can you give more reason as to why??
- Rats and pigeons are busily helping themselves to the wheat I've manaed to grow this year.
- so 1/2 acre should net you a lot of grain and a lot of bread. Wild wheat is another thing, look for wild wheats. I usually find a lot here in Tennessee
- Nice information.

I am trying to cultivate wheet in hot temperature tamilnadu in india.

Thank you very much.
- How do you keep the weeds from overtaking the wheat?