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Grain-Free Flax Bread Wraps Recipe (Gluten-Free, Vegan, Paleo)

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- Einkorn is ancient wheat , so this recipe is not Gluten free
- So nice and simple :) How do you make that sauce?
- Is flaxseed meal suitable instead of ground flaxseed?
- thank you so much for this recipe. God bless you. Do they have a gooey consistency even after they are cooked?
- I can't tell you how impressed I am with this !!!! You deserve the Lo carb award of the century!
- Perfect. And thank you so much for providing the recipe in the downbar.
- Thanks for posting, I reckon this can also be used as a pizza base if rolled out to be more thicker
- I vote for silicone utensils the metal on metal just...
- now I don't even I'm not vegan I'm not paleo and I'm definitely not vegetarian but I am so glad that there is one recipe out there that did not involve eggs I was like if I see one more green alternative with eggs in it I'm going to scream I'm not there is there has to be a recipe without eggs because then if that's the case I might as well just eat eggs everything omelette style!!!! thanks something I can look forward to it when I go on a Paleo Diet
- hi, i made it! just roasted on pan without oil as flax meal has oil in it already. Turned out great! Thanks for a great recipe.
- So do we grind the flax first, then measure out 1.5 cups, or do we measure out the flax seeds first and then take out 1.5 cups of the flax flour?
- Super tasty and easy to make it. Super ! Very good recipie!!
- Colorful canary, well I couldn't fine blond flax so got brown, I grinned myself, I put some pink salt, I used my tortilla maker and it made the best tortillas ever, I let one get toasty and made chip like crunchy the were fantastic, I don't need bread , this are amazing, was wondering make ones with cinnamon, the possibilities are endless, thank you. Tortilla makers new one in Amazon cost me 28.00 very affordable incredible kitchen gadget!
- Thank you so much for this. It was exactly what I needed!! :D
- This is soo cool! Thank you for sharing! I haven't had tortillas in so long being a gluten free clean eater. So excited to try these! :)
- Can they be cook in an electric tortilla cooker?
- I had to watch again this fabulos video, do the wraps fall apart? Do the hold good? I'm going to make them, just amazing flax , rich in cla, you are indeed a colorful Canary!!
- Best ever seen you made me hungry yummy, the sauce looks amazing good for you for sure!
- +ColorfulCanary where can I get the filtered water or can I use the regular instead ?
- When i grind flax seeds myself they have some sort of absolutely horrid taste and smell . BUT when i buy them already ground they have none of it and taste really good.