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From seed to loaf (part 1 of 2) allotment scale production of bread making wheat

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- I would like without, or with toned down music.
- Hi' i like your video and that machine what do you call of that it is trriser or i don't know where we can buy this machine and also how many month exactly before harvest the grains thank you.
- What if you find ergot on your grains at what point do you remove it and how?
- the siiimmpsoooons
- I really wish you hadn't put the music in!!!!
At least not when your talking... or put in captions for those that can't make out what your saying over some pointless music... if we really want music we can open up something in another window to listen to in the background.
- one issue I had was you didnt show how to remove the hulls. the wheat berries are still in the hull and useless until removed
- Thanks for giving such information. I want to try it in my small land. its very helpful.
- how deep the seeds planted?
- We're thinking of giving this a go, does anyone know where to buy small batches of seed?
- I like the video, but the music is too loud and annoying. Next time soften the music and let his voice come through more, please.
- can't hear what you are saying... but the music sounds good?
- I highly respect this man.
- Thanks very much, that was really helpful.
- Thank you for documenting this fascinating process, the kids and us thoroughly enjoyed watching!

- im sorry....i don't get it. it's so inefficient to grow your own wheat. potatoes...great. corn....great. but wheat? how many loafs of bread are you going to get out of that bit of land? in that same space you could grow a years supply of vegetables.
- Brilliant! . Can I ask How much wheat did you get off it.
- Do you have plans for the threshing machine? I'd love to make one.
- You are an inspiration.  I tried wheat and oats last year and had marginal success, this year, following your methods more,  things are looking more promising.  

Could you address fungal problems with wheat?   I've bought supposedly resistant varieties and still have a bit of it to contend with.
- Awesome!
- The roller you used after planting the wheat; what is that called? Did you make it or buy it? I want one of those for no till gardening.   Janice