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Clipper 2B Special Seed & Grain Cleaner

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- One came with it but it was pretty far gone. I made a new one out of some thin 4” belting I got off EBay. I riveted some aluminum angles on it for grousers and coupled it with a belt lacing. Eventually I rigged up the bottom roller to be under spring tension to keep the belt at a constant tension. I found that seeds seem to eventually work under the belt and get stuck on the roller and kept binding things up. The spring tension worked well.
- I have a 2b special I'm restoring. Did your machine come with the elevator belt or did you make it? If so how did you make it or do you know where I can get one? Great Job on your restoration.
- thanks for taking the time to put this up.
- Good restoration job. How old is this machine?
- Reverse your electric motor and you won't need to twist the belts.