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Choc-Full-O-Seeds: Making a No Knead Seeded Whole Grain Bread with Frankie Kimm

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- Fantastic video and recipe , by far one of the best ones out there , great job !
- Loved it. Thx for sharing

- Just saw this video was posted in 2011, wish i'd knew about this sooner lol!!
- LOVE this recipe !
Didnt know it was even possible to make bread this way and with these kinds of flour.
Even tho i did the recipe wrong, used 3 cups of water by accident and tried fixing it by adding more flour and more of every other ingredient. Let the dough rest for 41 hours. The bread was DELICIOUS !! So easy, tasty and crunchy on the outside.
Thank you so much for the recipe! Deff gonna make this often!
- Can I only use wheat flour??? Finding the other two flours is hard! if I do what will be different in my bread?
- Your recipe looks like it will be delicious!!! Thank you so much for your Video Demonstration!
- I love this! Imma bake my own bread from now on!!!Bon Apetit a La Belgique!
- You by far have the best recipe, it's healthy and it looks so tasty too. What you tell me can you substitute baking powder and or baking soda for the yeast that you use? I asked because if or when the shit hits the fan "collapse" I want to be able to make easy healthy bread without yeast eggs or milk. You see I want to buy the seats in bulk grind them up and make my own bread. I need ingredients Live long shelf life. Thanks Frankie. I just subscribe to you.Carrie
- Did you let the dough rest for 24 hours in the refrigerator or just out on the counter? If out on the counter, does it get cool at night where you live? Did you really say "1/4 teaspoon of yeast?"
- Hi Frankie. Can you help me. How do i work out your recipe according to bakers percentages? I have a similar recipe and i'm trying to workout the percents. I'm just interested to know what the percent of hydration is. Like your dough mine is very wet and you can't mold it like the pros do. I'm trying to make my recipe on a slightly larger scale. I have a number of friends constantly bugging me for bread. How can i do that without having to mix each one individually? Any ideas? Much appreciated.
- you are saying 3 cups of flour at the start, but when you give out the recipe you are talking 4 cups so what is the right amount of flour here please
- I think I will try this but I don't eat flour made here in America. The pesticides all over it make me sick so I order mine from Italy. I will also grind the seeds with my coffee bean grinder because I don't think I will digest the seeds properly otherwise. Thank you so much for the video!!
- @ Grace:  (for some reason, the reply button isn't working so I'll respond here).  yes, you can definitely leave out the honey or molasses.
- can i leave out the honey or molasses? i don't like when it have the taste of sweat. 
- OMG! Is this like my favorite Whole Food SEEDUCTION Bread??? I hope so!
- A couple of questions: 
1: can I use plastic wrap instead of a grocery bag?
2: How would I store this bread?
3: For how long could I store this bread?
4: Should I store it at room temperature, in the fridge, or just in a cool dry place?? And should this bread be covered when storing? What should I cover it with?
5: What kind of taste does this bread have (i.e. oaky, nutty, grainy, wheat flavor, ect.), and what would be a good use for it? (i.e. great for meats, honey, jams, ect.)
Thanks!! :)
- suddenly bobby hill at 2:42
- Best video
- Useless recipe since many of the seeds will go undigested since it's difficult to chew them all up.  Better to grind them.
- Do you leave it out or refrigerate the dough to "ferment" ?