2021 Millennial Farmer Harvest Wrap Up{

Save 50% or more on your SimpliSafe security system during their biggest sale of the year! Visit https://simplisafe.com/millennialfarmer to learn more! It's time to wrap things up 2021 Harvest with a John Deere Shuffle.. and my least favorite job on the farm, cleaning out the grain dryer. I think .

2021 Millennial Farmer Harvest Wrap Up

- Visit https://simplisafe.com/millennialfarmer to learn more and to get at least 50% off your SimpliSafe security system!
- Watching that clip from the news reminded me why I don’t watch the news… Watching some moron in a gray (or grey) jacket is way more entertaining!! 😉
Jak dla mnie dość ciekawe, odsniezanie Torun http://lumawer.pl/ wynajem koparki i to by było na tyle. - i understand how u feel being tall in getting in tight spaces . it totally sucks lol love the vids
- Look on the bright side, Zach.. nobody would steal your equipment... Anna would def wake you up lol
- Hang in there bud
Get well soon !
- Hello Johnson family,
I am the carpet cleaner from Grand Rapids, Michigan that has spoken with Zach about business in the past.
I just came out of the hospital after a 16 day stay on high pressure oxygen from Covid Pneumonia. I am still on oxygen in my home and will be for probably 90 days.
Please try and get some medication for the virus.
In Michigan all medications are blocked by the governor. I hope it not that way in Minnesota.
I also had the 105 temperature, then drop, then rise.
I urge you to contact your doctor and ask about Hydrochloroquine, or the treatment they use in Florida if it is the first few days. I know a lot of people taking Ivermectin and I didn't get it in time before I passed out with no oxygen and was carried into the hospital. get an oxygen meter for your finger at the pharmacy store.
Hoping the best for you and your family
Grant DuBridge
- What about possibly a snow roof rake you could do from outside the dryer, even if you had to build yourself a clip on platform to the ladder
- enough with the commercials already!
- Head phones on ear drums blown due to a dirty camera while cleaning the vents
- Wether tech is the best
- Which bluetooth are u using?
- for rubber mats you can go to weather tech and see if they have stuff
- Check out Weather Tech
- Oh ZACH you should consider adding a neat attachment for fallen corn have a rotation argo in front of combine for picking & straighting up corn stalks before running in to combine (See neat BABY YOUNG FARMING ON YOU TUBE FOR EXAMPLE WHAT JOHN DEERS COULD ADD TO FRONT OF COMBINES FOR FEILD CONDITIONS YOU SADLY EXPERIENCE THIS 2021 HARVEST......IT BE FUN CONTENT ...HOW MILLUIUM FARMER IMPROVED HIS COMBINES....PATENT RIGHTS.......
- Time for travel, visiting other farms to spread goodwill. O yes…masks, and social distancing always make visiting more enjoyable. O yes, shots too….lots of shots, the more needle stabs the better. Lol.have a great break. Just kidding you know . Go Brandon.
- On cleaning out the grain dryer. If you wanted a possibility more efficient way of doing it you should take a look at a portable saw dust collection system with a 3-4 inch hose. It works like a vacuum cleaner.
- Can't You use a big vaccum You used previously to vaccum the grain from the pits to vaccum the dryer?
- As the Simpsons once sung " You dont make friends with Salad! "
- Auto shop